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Adding Happiness One Step at a Time

Happiness. This is the almost elusive word that most people believe they're working so hard to achieve, however this word is not relevant to hard work. Happiness is instead dependent on how you feel about yourself and your perception of the world.

Have you ever been around that person who seems to be having a bad day, every day? How do you feel around that person - irritable, unhappy, rushed? Here you can learn tiny steps that you can do to feel better and not be that person who is unhappy every day.

#1 Tip - Smile. The easiest step - smiles are contagious!

  • Bring the grocery cart back to the store front. A small, 10-second step to feel good
  • Pick up that piece of trash you walk by
  • Wave when someone on the freeway lets you in
  • Laugh. Watch a kitten/dog/silly video or read something funny
  • Take time to sit by the ocean or sunset
  • Do something nice for someone. Offer to give them a ride or bring over cupcakes
  • Do something nice for yourself. Take a night off from work/chores or get flowers for your home

These steps are not the only ways you can add small ways to add happiness to your days or weeks. What else can you do to add happiness?