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Do you accept insurance? How does insurance work?

Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of CA, BCBS, Cigna, Magellan, Tricare/UHMV, PPO plans, and EAP programs are accepted at this time by some providers. Many insurance plans have Out-of-Network benefits in PPO Plans that we can also work with and bill accordingly for you. Your Out-of-Network benefits will typically include a coinsurance instead of a copayment. Please know that using your insurance does require authorization to disclose your personal health information related to treatment to your insurance carrier. If you do not want to disclose such information, you may work with an HPS provider who is not in-network with your insurance plan. For more information see, Understanding your Medical Bill

What is a No Show or Late Cancellation policy & fee?

Hilber Psychological Services has a 24 hour cancellation policy: Please cancel or reschedule your appointment 24 hours in advance. A Late Cancellation or No Show fee only applies if 24 hours advance notice is not given when cancelling or rescheduling an appointment. This is a standard fee of $75 for clients using either insurance or out of pocket rates. Once the appointment is made, the provider's time is no longer available for scheduling and that time is reserved exclusively for the client that made the appointment. This fee is not to penalize anyone financially, but to protect the time. In the event that the appointment time is cancelled and then filled by another client, the fee will be waived. 

What will the first session be like? Do children attend the first session?

Many people may feel nervous about attending the first session. We make every effort to make this step easy and comfortable for you. The first session is really about getting to know each other and determining whether we're a good fit. During the first session, we will briefly review the forms you filled out ahead of time and any questions you may have. Sometimes the first session can feel like a "Q&A" session as we're trying to gather information to understand you and what brought you to therapy. You are welcome to provide feedback and share only as much information you feel comfortable sharing. The first session is also to determine whether we are a good fit for your therapy needs. The first session in child's therapy is typically only with the parent(s) to discuss concerns, structure of therapy, and review paperwork.

What should I do if I have joint (shared) custody of children and their other parent won't agree to treatment?

Joint legal custody allows either parent or guardian to consent to treatment for minors. It is Hilber Psychological Services' policy that both parents must consent for treatment. Typically therapists will briefly call the other parent with joint legal custody to inform them of treatment services and obtain their verbal consent to treatment. Obtaining written consent by both parents and/or having both parents attend the intake session is highly recommended. In situations where divorce has preceded the treatment and either parent does not want treatment for the children or cannot agree on the best therapist, it's best to obtain mediation or court recommendations for therapy so both parents are on the same page.

What are the benefits of therapy?

Therapy is beneficial in helping you feel validated, understood and supported. Therapy, like any growth, can be difficult at times, but therapy can also provide understanding and fresh perspectives to unexpected adjustments in their lives. You may find that therapy is a tremendous asset to interpersonal relationships, concerns with family and your daily life. Therapy can provide a better understanding of you, skills for communication, coping, and relationships, and a healthier ability to manage concerns in your life. Therapy may improve your relationships and self-confidence. Therapy may help you find balance in your week away from extreme behaviors and help you become "unstuck" by changing old behavior patterns and developing new ones. Treatment can help you navigate changes in family, personal life, or professional life. 




Through audio and video capabilities, therapists at Hilber Psychological Services can connect securely with their clients to provide therapy, without clients leaving their home or work place.  Telehealth can be provided to any established adult client as needed, depending on their situation and insurance requirements.

Contact us today to inquire about Telehealth to connect with a trustworthy therapist and receive treatment from the privacy of your own home. 

PRivacy and policy

As therapists, it is very important to us that we maintain confidentiality and privacy for you and your family. Our laws protect this relationship and we cannot disclose any information without your written consent, including your Personal Health Information (PHI) according to HIPAA and anything disclosed during our sessions. However, as mandated reporters, we are required by law to disclose information in specific situations to protect individuals. The following are the limitations and exceptions to confidentiality:

  • Suspected child or elder abuse

  • A client intends to harm him/herself or another person

  • A judge orders us to disclose information

Generally, parents of children/teens are asked to let therapy remain private in order to facilitate trust and communication. Therapists will inform parents when/if concerning or dangerous information or any of the above has been shared.

California Online Privacy Protection Act 

The California law also protects your online privacy. Your personal identifying information is only gathered via this site if you contact Hilber Psychological Services for services and is only the information you choose to give via email, phone, or contact form. The personal information you choose to give is only used to return your contact request, answer your questions, or set up an appointment. Please do not give detailed personal information via email or the contact form. This website does gather general data via Google Analytics to determine the behavior and audience on the website, including the number of clicks to the site, demographic information, pages visited, and extent of time on each page. General data does not include your name or identifying information. This is in effect as of November 2013.

Independent Contractors

All psychotherapists are independent contractors for Tanya L. Hilber, PsyD and Hilber Psychological Services. Each individual therapist is responsible for the legal and ethical psychotherapy treatment of their own clients. The therapists listed on this website operate independently from other providers and are not liable for the actions of one another.