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Striving for Balance in your Week

It's Monday again. Every monday (and sometimes sundays) many people have a "to do" list or goals for that week. This week's list could include soccer games, parent-teacher nights, vet appointments, physical check-ups, and stopping at the grocery store for that one forgotten item.  This is where balance in your week makes for a more efficient and happier week - something that most of us strive for each week. A balanced week includes the following 5 aspects:

  1. Work or school time
  2. Personal time
  3. Social time
  4. Exercise time
  5. Nutrition

Striving for these 5 aspects in each week may not seem difficult - they are present each week for many individuals. The key for these 5 aspects is the ratio or percentage of each, depending on each person's needs. These 5 aspects may also be multi-tasked appropriately to meet individual needs (i.e. exercise w/ friends).

For example, one person, Sheila, may work full-time, but have lunch with the girls once a week and hit the treadmill the other 4 days of the week while bringing her lunch to work, then Sheila gets to go home and spend the nights with her kids, leaving a few nights a month for date night - this person just succeeded in meeting all 5 aspects that meet her needs. Another person, Jane, may work part-time while being at home with the kids. Jane may cook nutritious meals for her kids, meet up with friends one weeknight and once on the weekend, then at night, she gets some alone time to read her favorite books while her husband plays and bathes the kids.

Balance in your week is based on each individual's equation - one person may require a different percentage or number than the next person. Based on minimal trial and error, you can find what you would need to feel balanced each week. Now, realistically this balance may not happen every week, but striving for this balance is what matters - trying to reach your ideal equation is good enough to make you feel efficient and happy.

For assistance with your balanced week, contact us at Hilber Psychological Services.